Nizinski, or Lowlanders, are the race of people who live at the base of Od Boga. They have live in a large number of independent tribes, each with their own god/godess, who they believe live on top of the mountain. Contact between them is rare as they are nearly constantly moving within their territory and are predominantly self-sufficient.

Known Tribes


Shared Culture

The only meeting consistently attended by all tribes is the right of passage taking place every five years. There is an annual meeting, however, between those tribes in close proximity of each other which is attended when convenient. New tribes generally make themselves known first at a local meeting before putting forth it’s children in the next right of passage.


Warfare is rare but fierce, with the winning tribe killing the opposing chieftan and his family line, and absorbing the remainder of their tribe. Traditionally, military action must be endorsed by the gods of both tribes, though smaller skirmishes occasionally take place without such consultation.


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